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Whether you want a bold patch of highlight in the front of your hair, 3-5 colors all over,or just want to cover some grey, Sparkle will help you pick the best color options for you!


There are a variety of hair extensions, methods and processes that Sparkle is certified in. With options that offer length, volume, color, flexibility and versatility, we'rte sure to pick the perfect service for your taste and lifestyle.

You can't underestimate the importance of a good cut. A good shape and precision cut is the equivalent to getting your clothes professionally tailored. -Sparkle Hyche


Would you like to adopt a healthy hair regimen? Do you wear weave but want a break? Are you relaxed, colored or natural? Schedule an appointmet for a shampoo, silk press, color, a chic braid or up do.

If you own any units or wigs, then you know the ease and convienence that is one! At this point, wigs have become part of the family and whether your wig was made at Salon 422 or not, we'll treat your baby like our very own. Providing the best skill and care for her. Schedule the care she needs today :)




Not sure what to book? Do you have more questions? Let's meet to discuss options, look at pictures etc.

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